Blaucrowd Surfer

Brass-Punkrock | Würzburg


Seven guys, a few ideas, a few instruments, a few beers and (in retrospect) a rather mediocre pun; in short: The “Blaucrowd Surfer”.

The Bieberehrener have been dedicating themselves to handmade, German-speaking pop and rock music for 5 years now. Handmade? That means as much as: “No playbacks, no synths, but there are loud guitars combined with thick brass parts that go into your ears and stay there”.

The lyrics are served to suit this, dealing with the everyday joys and problems, with growing up, but also with the small and big stupid things you do and experience on the way there. Neither the serious criticism of oneself and the environment, nor the exuberance and impartiality of a night with the best buddies should be neglected.

  1. Augen zu Blaucdrowd Surfer 3:52

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