Hazel The Nut

Pop Punk | Würzburg


Four enthusiastic musicians once met in thewasteland of Niederfranken not far from Würzburg to share their love for pop-punk. They founded the band Hazel The Nut in 2012. Since then, the four guys confirmed every concert between the provincial youth centre and the big open air festival. Their journey took them across Germany and into neighbouring European countries, where they shared the stages with renowned bands such as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, SDP, Swingin’ Utters and Madsen. For the year 2019 the 4 guys will work on the project “album number 3”, which will be completely self-directed.

  1. Party Song Hazel The Nut 3:28
  2. Love Me Or Hate Me Hazel The Nut 3:06
  3. Oh Shit Hazel The Nut 3:22

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